“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”




What workshops are for...

Workshops can help you think deeper about yourself, your behaviors and your relationships!

They can be a wonderful way to learn something new, to explore a topic of interest and gain new skills & practice. 

If you are in therapy, this can enhance the work you are already doing or add a new dimension for something you might want to work on further. If you’re not in therapy a workshop can help with self-discovery. Workshops can serve as a bridge to therapy for a time when your therapist is away, you are on a therapy break or contemplating starting therapy again or for the first time.

Taking time to learn and grow is a gift you give yourself

Workshops are Self-Care

As a therapist working in private practice I have limited time and space to help as many clients as I would like. However, there are topics and skills that I teach many of my clients in one-on-one or couples sessions that can just as effectively be taught in group setting. 

I am excited to offer workshops as an opportunity for you to explore ways to understand yourself better or go deeper into issues that you want to learn more about. Opening ourselves up to learning new skills, behaviors and ideas is how we grow and blossom.

workshops are a wonderful way to show yourself care & compassion!

It's all about group support

In many of my video workshops I provide a live group Q & A to answer questions which might come up for you in terms of how to understand the skills taught or to incorporate them more effectively into your life. Being part of a group can help you see you are not alone, feel more supported and see that others may have questions or feedback which resonates for you.